Super salad – four ways

What better choice for a quick and easy meal that's healthy but also filling? I'm not a big fan of greens, leaves or sprouts in general but top them with meat, cheese, nuts and some delicious dressings and I'll be munching that down in no time. I will show you four of my favourite super salad… Continue reading Super salad – four ways


Oatmeal pineapple muffins

I often bake on a whim, just because "I feel like it" and I like recipes that use simple ingredients I am sure to have on hand. I love quick and easy recipes and this one really is a piece of cake! (pun intended :P) Ingredients: half a cup chopped pineapple half a cup pancake mix half a cup instant oatmeal… Continue reading Oatmeal pineapple muffins

Oatmeal berry pie

I love quick and uncomplicated recipes, because... toddler. If you're a mom also I guess no further explanations are needed. If you don't have kids, well... imagine walking on a rope suspended 300 feet in the air and joggling fireballs while conducting an orchestra. Yep, the comparison seems pretty accurate to me. Haha.   The ingredients you… Continue reading Oatmeal berry pie