Coffee and cheerios

I always start my day with a steamy cup of coffee. The smell, the warmth, the taste, everything about it just kickstarts my senses and my brain. I need my brain. I always loved coffee but since becoming a mom I need coffee and I love it even more.


There’s just a thing about moms and coffee I think. They go together. I have coffee at home, when I go to the park, when I go shopping, when I meet friends, especially other mom friends. We can’t have wine or mimosas when we meet up with our fancy strollers and squirmy toddlers. So it’s always coffee. Mostly on the go. So grateful for the cupholder on my stroller. Strollers should have at least three cupholders I think… for a coffee, a water bottle and a sippy cup.

You probably heard the saying “may your coffee be stronger than your toddler”. How do you even measure that? It’s so abstract, I need something palpable. I think the best bet is to drink their weight in ounces of coffee. So if your kid weighs 30 lbs you should have 30 ounces of coffee to have the strength and energy to put up with them. I’m kidding don’t do that. But seriously if you were not addicted to coffee before being a parent I’m pretty sure once you have kids you are guaranteed to start worshipping the coffee maker every morning.


After having breakfast my toddler is full of energy and ready to conquer the world, while all I can think about is drinking my coffee while it’s still warm. So we get on the floor with The Cheerios Playbook.


All you have to do is sneak as many cheerios as you can without your toddler noticing. Hehe just kidding. It’s a really fun activity to start our morning.


I found both the coffee mug and the Cheerios Play Book at Winners. You can find the book on here. There’s also an animal version.

Have a great day!


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