DIY wooden blocks

Wooden blocks remind me so much of my childhood. Nowadays most toys are plastic and there is something magical about wooden toys, they kind of feel more personal… Also the texture and weight is completely different. I did buy some wooden sets but the blocks are too small to build anything interesting.

We are currently renovating so we have a constant supply of wood scraps.


After a thorough sanding to remove all splinters I coated them with Americana High Gloss paint.


I ended up mixing my own shades. I wanted fun colours but in muted shades. I will probably add forest green and eggplant as we get more wood scraps. I got the paint from, see here or here. What I loved about this paint is that it dries very fast (around 10-15 mins) and it’s very pigmented and opaque, one coat is enough.

*If you are using the Amazon Mobile App for the first time you can get 5$ off your first purchase with my code: ANDRE196344N.


Nathan was very happy to line them up to count them and then we built towers. He calls them “cuba” 🙂 meaning cubes or in Romanian cub/cuburi.



Hope you liked this idea!


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