DIY book storage crate

If your toddler or kid loves books you probably have accumulated a gazillion books that you are trying to store efficiently but also keep at little hands reach. I think a book crate is perfect because it can store a lot of books and it sits right on the floor which makes it very accessible. Win-win.

You can find wood crates at any hardware or craft store and even at Walmart, for around 10$. A wood box is another great option. I found mine at Winners for under 20$.

fullsizerender-25     fullsizerender-19

To decorate the crate you can use many different options:

  • wood letters that you can find at craft stores and even the dollar store;
  • paint the letters yourself;
  • cut out letters from a story book and glue them on;
  • make your own letters from cardboard and cover them in wrapping paper or fabric.


I used the wood letters as stencils to cut out the words I wanted from a book.

There’s plenty of alphabet templates on Google and you can chose the font and size you like. If you’re good at drawing you can even trace them by hand.


Ta-da! The end results.



I think they’re super cute and stylish enough that they can grow with the kids!

You can even write different things on each side. You can make some for toys too… building blocks, cars, dolls, etc.


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