DIY banner garland

To make the garland you will need:

  • Paper – it can be scrapbook leftovers, gift bags, wrapping paper, magazines, construction paper, anything you like really
  • Scissors and a puncher
  • Rope or string

I started by cutting paper rectangles measuring 5″ x 6″ and then cut a triangle going about 2.5″ deep. I used the first banner as a guide to cut the rest

You can use this banner template and adjust to the size you want when you print it out. You can also use any other shape you like: triangles, circles, letters, hearts, etc.


Punch 2 holes in each banner. I find that using banners 5-6 inches wide is ideal if you are using a standard 3 hole puncher.

If you are using different colours/prints make a layout first to see what pattern you are going to use. Pass the string or rope through the banners making sure the longest bit is hidden behind.

All done! Now hang it with pride!




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