Oatmeal berry pie

I love quick and uncomplicated recipes, because… toddler. If you’re a mom also I guess no further explanations are needed. If you don’t have kids, well… imagine walking on a rope suspended 300 feet in the air and joggling fireballs while conducting an orchestra. Yep, the comparison seems pretty accurate to me. Haha.


The ingredients you will need are:

1 cup instant oatmeal

1 cup pancake mix

1 cup yogurt

4-6 tablespoons of honey or sweetener of choice

2 eggs

1 cup of berries


Start by mixing the dry ingredients in a large bowl. In a different bowl beat the eggs, then add the yogurt. Mix well and add to the large bowl over the dry ingredients. Mix everything well. Mixing by hand with a wooden spoon is enough. You don’t need a fancy mixer for this. Add the fruit, give the whole mixture a few swirls and then poor in a baking tray. I used a 10 inch round baking tray.


This recipe would work great for muffins too. Use a muffin tray and fill the cups around 2/3 with the mix.

Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. The top should be golden brown when ready. Do a toothpick test if not sure.

There you go! The berry pie is ready! You can cut it into squares and top it with whip cream, ice cream, frosting or simply eat it plain. Bon apetit!


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