Coffee and cheerios

I always start my day with a steamy cup of coffee. The smell, the warmth, the taste, everything about it just kickstarts my senses and my brain. I need my brain. I always loved coffee but since becoming a mom I need coffee and I love it even more. There's just a thing about moms… Continue reading Coffee and cheerios


Super salad – four ways

What better choice for a quick and easy meal that's healthy but also filling? I'm not a big fan of greens, leaves or sprouts in general but top them with meat, cheese, nuts and some delicious dressings and I'll be munching that down in no time. I will show you four of my favourite super salad… Continue reading Super salad – four ways

DIY wooden blocks

Wooden blocks remind me so much of my childhood. Nowadays most toys are plastic and there is something magical about wooden toys, they kind of feel more personal... Also the texture and weight is completely different. I did buy some wooden sets but the blocks are too small to build anything interesting. We are currently renovating… Continue reading DIY wooden blocks

Confetti Hot Air Balloon

Confetti is almost as versatile as glitter when it comes to crafts. It's much easier to clean up, it doesn't stick to little hands and doesn't get in my toddler's eyes, hair or diaper... yes, that actually happened with glitter, it was everywhere. Things you'll need: Hot air balloon template Confetti, sequins, glitter, etc. Mod podge or craft… Continue reading Confetti Hot Air Balloon

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

How cute are these handmade Valentine's Day cards? It's a great craft activity to do with kids. Very easy to make and you probably already have most of the materials around the house. Things you'll need: Paper - something thicker would work better, like construction paper, card stock, art paper, etc. Mod Podge or any craft glue that dries… Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

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